Volumio can't login to my Tidal account


Where can I get official support for MyVolumio?

My Volumio system can’t login to my Tidal account.

I have confirmed that the username/password works on tidal.com web interface.

When I enter my credentials in Volumio and Save I see “logging in” and then “failed to log in”.

I wonder if the issue has something to do with the fact that my username contains a “+” sign. This can maybe be a URL escaping problem with the plus?

In the meantime I paid for annual “Superstar” membership to gain native Tidal integration so I’m quite out of pocket so for me this is urgent!

Steve Davies

Hi Steve,
you’re probably right, this seems like a URL escaping issue. We will solve it asap, but the quickest solution for you is changing your password in a way it does not contain the + character. This fix that we’ll do will not be available before 2 weeks…

Thanks for understanding

Unfortunately, it’s not my password that contains a plus, it’s my username.

I don’t think I can change my username.

I typically use a +something suffix to email addresses so I can block one if it becomes a spam target.

Thanks for looking at it, I’m happy to apply a patch to my system if there is one.


Hi Steve, ok we will do it ASAP

Fixed, we’ll release a new image asap

Hi ,
this bug was fixed ? I don’t see any new update for MyVolumio , and have the same problem with + in user name.

Yes it has been fixed, but the new release is undergoing testing before being released :wink:

I just got into MyVolumio with the monthly plan. But I do not find a TIDAL Plugin…do I need a new image? PLEASE HELP.

I found it…Sorry.

Great, enjoy!

Hi there,

Thanks for the quick attention to this.

When will the update be available to install?


It’s already on the latest release 2.513

Still the same problem here.
Qobuz works fine, but Tidal just won’t login
Currently on version 2.673.
Can anyone help, pls?

Hello, i just activate MyVolumio Trial, but I can’t login to Tidal. My username (email) and password doesn’t contains special character? I use it with USBridge signature. Can someone help me?