Volumio cannot start on Raspberry Pi4


I replaced my Raspberry Pi3+ to a new Pi4 and the same Volumio image does not start (ACT green led does not flash, PWR red led is on), Could you advice me if there is a workaround solution to start, please ? May I modify something in the configuration files ?

SD card come from RPI3+ where it worked well.

Thank you for all the info

I think you must wait for a update.

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We are working on it, currentlly it does not work

Thank you Michelangelo, we are waiting

Thank you for the new version and the lot of work you did to make volumio PRI4 comaptible.

Sorry to say but the last official release (for PRI4 compatibility) does not handle PRI4 well, the bootlog is full of with error messages and PRI4 starts in emergency mode only.