Volumio candidate for the first LINUX DAW - ARM distro?


As far as i have been readen through the forum, i have the idea that volumio is the best platform for me.
I have not installed it yet as i am waiting for my UDOO to be delivered.

I have been searching through the web, there seems to be no dedicated linux distro fully developped on ARM for music production.

Is there a development plan to make music editing software available in Volumio? For example add software like Ardour, Hydrogen, JACK en so forth.

Hi Robert!
I’m sorry but Volumio is not really the right platform for music production, since it has no Graphical User Interface… But I’m working on an audio production project on Udoo, with Pure Data, and I’m trying to build a Ubuntu studio for Udoo… This would be what you’re looking for… We just need to compile a real time kernel and we could be satisfied…

Ubuntu studio, yes!

I already saw an ubuntu studio version designed for odroid machine on forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2467

Is there a website i can visit for a download for ubuntu studio on Udoo?

PS: i am still going to install Volumio.