Volumio Cabinet Design

Latest design iteration of Volumio streaming project

I am getting ready to release the STLs files on Thingiverse and Printables. Just finishing up on the build docs and the build of materials. This was a really interesting design project for me, trying to capture the feel of what popular 1960s culture assumed the future would look like. Clean streamlined lines, bright colors and hope, something we need today. Pop Art, Howard Johnson Hotels, The Jetsons and even the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile were influential in this design.

Two versions one with view meter and one without

Howard Johnson’s Hotels a look at the future from the 1960s:

The Jetsons:

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile:



Yeah Fluke’s house colors

First off wicked cool.Second do you happen have file for a 7" display standard 1200x600 res?

Thanks! When you say a file I assume you mean 3D printable file for a case?? The LCD panel I am using is 7.4Inches across, 1280x400. I modeled the case from scratch so I could properly register the screw holes and the bezel.

Have you checked online for STL/CAD files for your panel? If you have a model number for your panel I could check around.

Yes, not that I have. 3d printwr but my son does
my screenis. a 7 inch from uperfect/ Model not sure. u have this off the box.

There seems to be quite a few cases that should work with your screen: