Volumio+BubbleUPNP - showing two renderers?

I tried it following theseinstructions: hifizine.com/2016/06/how-to … pberry-pi/ (Minimserver and BubbleUPNP running on Synology DS418 NAS, Volumio installed on RPi3 and “enabled” as renderer in BubbleUPNP, using Linn Kazoo (or Lumin) on my iPad)

It seems everything works fine, I can see and play music files from my NAS and even see TIDAL logo (no account yet, so can’t check if it works).

One question – in Linn Kazoo I can see 2 Volumios – one is the one created in BubbleUPNP running on Synology NAS (which I want to see as this one enables the TIDAL). However I can also see the other one (I think it is enabled by Volumio’s internal UPNP?) without TIDAL option. Is there any chance to “disable” the second one? (make it invisible).

I tried to disable UPNP in Volumio (there is a switch in the latest release) but when I did it I can’t see it in BubbleUPNP anymore. So now I can see either 2 Volumios in Kazoo or non of them.