Volumio Bricks with upgrade from v3.324 to v3.378

Had been running 3.324 for several months on a headless RPi 3B without issues. I used a 16GB SD card for the OS volume and no attached storage. Wrote to that SD card by downloading the raspberry pi image and using dd on the Mac OS command line to copy the image to the cd card. Reboots fine etc.

Today I tried to upgrade using the UI. It downloaded the update seemingly OK, but never returned to the network. An hour later the board light was on but no ethernet lights. Multiple reboots didn’t fix it. Decided to re-flash the SD card to 3.378 and re-configure, and that works fine. I wouldn’t worry, but this is the second time an update has bricked my volumio box.

Are there issues with Raspberry Pis and upgrading? How should I be troubleshooting this if I can’t login remotely?