Volumio box with some bits of old wood

Had some bits of old wood offcuts lying around.
After a few bits of sawing, drilling, and screwing I have an old looking box for my RPi Volumio streamer.

Raspberry Pi 3B+
HifiBerry DAC+Pro
Waveshare 7.9" HDMI touch screen
Flirc remote sensor
RavPower USB power supply.

Here’s some pics inside & back…

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well made, looks nice :smiley:
I also made one out of wood a few months ago.
and now that i see you have a linn standing there check out what i made of a broken linn kudos.

I did think about using an old Linn LK box, just to match the rest of my system.
But I preferred a largish screen and the 7.9" is a tad too big for the LK boxes.

It is indeed true that such a large screen will not fit in such a linn.

Dimensions Linn.

Width 320mm Depth 326mm Height 80mm

Kudos! :slight_smile:

Because I see Linn components: I used a Wakonda pre-amp and a LK100 power amp in my living room. After I bought an Allo Volt+D amplifier for my system in the basement, I also tried it once instead of the LK100 and I must say I was really surprised how much it improved the sound. Since this the LK100 is in the basement.