Volumio Boot Crashes after Initial Setup on a UDOO-Quad

I am having a consistent problem with my recent implementation of Volumio 1.5 on a UDOO-Quad.
I am also running Volumio 1.5 on a Raspberry PI B+ without issue but wanted more speed.

Upon a fresh image of the OS I am able to access Volumio, perform some configuration and listen to music.
Upon a reboot initiated by the software though, the OS will crash and the Media Player inaccessible.

I have attached several session captured using the USB to UART microUSB serial connection and Putty.
I am having similar issues with Ubuntu OS.
I have tried numerous times with new SD cards and fresh downloads to create img files using the Windows technique.
This encompasses, the download, 7-Zip unzipping, Disk32Imagewriting (admin authority) to no avail.

Please shed some insight on this if you can.
NewZip.zip (12 KB)