Volumio as VM on Synology DS 918+ does not work properly

My previous setup: Raspi 2+ with USB DAC working properly
My new setup: Synology DS918+ with the same USB DAC and Volumio 2.873 for PC as a VM

Today, I wanted to integrate Volumio into my Synology NAS. Unfortunately, the sound is garbeled even though the same same setup with a Raspi works properly.

Any idea what could be wrong? Thank you.

Hi tdse, welcome to Volumio. :smiley:

I guess this is one for you to solve. Use in a VM is not part of the design of Volumio as a standard image. I’m sure it can work … in fact, I know it can, but your particular circumstances/Synology VM instance are unique to you.

“Any idea what could be wrong?” :rofl:

Is your DAC supported by Synology, as the host needs to pass through?

Yes, it is. It works with “Audio Station”. Audio Station is not running though.

then it will be difficult.
A lot of people reports that it works, same amount experience all kind of issues like interruptions, delays etc.

OK. Do you happen to know the exact setup of those who report that it works?

Should have been more precise.
The reporting doesn’t include Volumio, but a random Linux VM on Synology.

  • it should work if the NAS itself has the drivers for it, (virtual USB), or when used as pass through the VM should have the drivers.
  • Or there is lagging
  • The host is interfering with the USB port (as port can’t be shared)
  • The VM manager added a 2nd audio output

I get sound but in low quality (no lagging but background noise and some echo etc.). Is it possible to install the corresponding usb driver in the VM (QEMU)?

I think the drivers are already there, as you stated that it worked fine on a rPi. The Volumio image is the same. Seems (just a guess) that the host system interferes.
But playing with the drivers of Volumio, I can’t advise.