Volumio as DLNA controller

I have setup my DLink-315 NAS as a media server.

In Volumio, I can see the ‘Media Serves’ option listed under the ‘Browse’ setting.
Here I am able to see all my windows DLNA shares, but the NAS as DLNA does not appear at all.
However I am able to see the NAS when I add it as a network driver.

Is there a solution to load the DLNA on the NAS under ‘media servers’ in Volumio.

I am running the Volumio version 2.411 on ALLO Sparky.

I have the same problem with QNAP TS251B NAS. I am able to mount folders as network drives, but do not see my NAS as Media Server on my Volumio RasPi. My Windows 10 Notebook showes up as Media Server. Several Pioneer AV Receivers do have access to the QNAP NAS as media server.
Is there a solution for this problem?

Nobody can help?