Volumio as a layer?

So I am building a little project which has been based around raspbian jessie, its a sunrise clock and it has a few python programs that run, switch on LEDs and an LED display.

So then I started using volumio on another one of my Pi’s and I thought it would be great as an addition to my sunrise clock (thats a bit like an Amazon thing with a globe on top), but found you cant add volumio as a layer as such?

So my question was is it possible to start with volumio and add everything to make it raspian jessie, but based on volumio?

Volumio is an OS in it’s own right, based on Raspbian Jessie, and as such it cannot be run on top of another OS. There is no reason that you can’t run your own python programs from Volumio as long as you are not changing packages that Volumio has installed as a specific or modified version. In particular, you must avoid using ‘apt-get upgrade’, which likely will break your Volumio system. Have fun tinkering :slight_smile:.

I guess that would have been my next question, is how much stuff they removed from Raspbian that might need reinstalling?

I guess generally as long as its raspbian based most stuff is going to work its just knowing what bits I need to reinstall to make it all good for the python stuff, as on some of the stripped down OS’ I have used before, you install python and then later you find there are other standard things missing you need.

I mean essentially I am just going to be running some python programs (maybe 3)that use I2C, a 4 digit 7 segment display for a clock at night, a 16x2 or 20x4 LCD for during the day for extra info (like maybe whats playing) a couple of sensors and a PWM controlled neopixel ring. I figured its not a whole lot of Pi being used for that, so an audio player also would be awesome!

python is already installed by default, I think, and there is a plugin for a display. Your best approach is to just to try it … you can always reflash Volumio again if you run into insurmountable problems.