Volumio as a chromecast audio replacement

excuse me if this is a silly or very newbie/surface query, but i just got here throughout volumio at the same time as looking for a chromecast audio alternative, being that the cca has been discontinued and google is starting to reduce aid for them.

is volumio on a raspberry pi https://showbox.tools/ (zero?) a respectable replacement for the cca? i’ve examine/watched plenty of stuff approximately casting spotify, but nothing actually about casting youtube tune or some thing like that. do you want a separate app or application or something? i’m now not in reality certain how it works, except it would not use bluetooth, but rather casts over the net (wifi).

Volumio on a R Pi can work like a CCA to an extent.
It is focussed more on flexibility though.
You can stream internet radio directly from Volumio.
You can stream locally stored or network stored music directly from Volumio.
It has a plug-in architecture so that it can heve new capabilities, such as Spotify, Youtube streaming, or Amazon Music, and similar online content providers.

With CCA, you’d need apps for TuneIn Radio, Youtube, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc. Then from those apps you cast to the CCA.
Volumio aims to give you all the content sources within the device/software.
Volumio has a nice app for your phone, this gives you full control of sources and playback.
Volumio can be viewed and controlled from a web browser on any computer or device on your network.
Volumio gives you potentially better output than CCA too, via DAC hats and line level output, or digital hats with coaxial output, both should be superior to the internal CCA DAC, or the optical digital output of the CCA.

I have a CCA on a set of active speakers as a bedroom music system, it’s fine in that role.
But on my main living room system I use a R Pi 3B+ and Allo Boss V1.2 running Volumio.

Volumio on a Pi+ DAC hat might be slightly better in sound quality.

But the Tidal user experience in Volumio is way behind the experience when you use Chromecast audio casting Tidal from the native app.

Too many bugs. I found no reason to pay for my Volumio subscription