Volumio Android app screen allways on feature

I hope this is the place to ask for a feature in the official Volumio Android app? I would love to have the option to keep the screen on while playing.
The app is working perfect, unlike the other so-called apps for Volumio!

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I second this request. I would like to use my Android tablet to display the now playing screen permanently. Is this possible?

I get around this by not using the Volumio app and instead intall and setup the “Fully kiosk browser” In the options you can setup, always on, allways fullscreen, its a very good bit of kit and IMO works far better than the volumio app

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Thanks @M1ck
Fully worked perfectly!
All the best for 2024

Been using fully for the past two weeks to control volumio. Excellent
Just one small question. When I add a Fully Volumio icon to the homescreen, it shows the icon of fully browser and not the favicon of Volumio. Have you found any way around that?
The Samsung browser shortcut to Volumio picks up the Volumio or ifi icons just fine. And Fully picks up the icon of Logitech media server without issues.

Volumio does the same on mine.
Best bet is contact the developer. They are very good, quick to respond and put problems right.
You never used to be able to rename icons and were stuck with the name it gave them. I emailed them about this and it was sorted in an update a couple of weeks later.