Volumio Android app does not working through LAN

I Have android TV box an i would like to operate Volumio through it by LAN. Everything working fine through WiFi until i’m connecthing ethernet cable to TV box. After that it just saying “Please connect to a Wi-Fi network in order to reach your devices”.

What’s the problem? Why android app limited only to WiFi??? I have weak wifi signal in that location and i want to use LAN instead…
Any solutions?

This is partially something we should blame google for because Android OS applications will only get network events related to Wifi and mobile connection, system won’t give apps any information about if the device is acting as hotspot or if it’s connected to lan(most handhelds won’t have Ethernet port anyway)

Then again the Wi-FI block is something the developer must put in place, when he/she should already know that it will effectively also block the ones with lan or hotspot connection.

Alternative way to blocking would be to show dialog for the user that the device is not in wifi network, and then let him proceed anyway.
Or just perform service discovery regardless of the network status.