Volumio Android App does not turn to portait when tablet is turned

EDIT: This issue seems to occur with the Beta that was introduced around August '22 (sorry, don’t know the exact date as I uninstalled them all).
With the stable version dated 28.3.22 it does not occur. The app turns to landscape mode as it should.

I am using Rivo:
Volumio 3.368, USB to Neukomm CDA126S, HDMI to HP ZR24w 1920x1200 screen

Volumio Android App
Samsung SM-T290 8" tablet, Android 11 (September 2022). Volumio App (Beta) updated 29.7.22 (no version number listed in Google Play Store.

The app only launches in portrait mode. The home screen and other apps on the tablet are in landscape mode and turn to portrait and back when I physically turn the tablet

We already reverted this modification, and we are waiting for approval before sending the update to the app. So it will be solved shortly.

Thanks, Michelangelo