Volumio android app "Device not found"

I installed volumio few days ago and the volumio app was able to find and control the device immedialtely.
Now i installed volumio again, i can access my player with any browser and play music etc, but volumio app is not able to find the player.

I cleared the cache and app data on the phone but the app is not able to find the player. Phone is in the same ip-range (wlan), as the player (eth) and i can can access the player with browser and ssh.

Any advice ?

Could you try to restart your router? Let me know if that helps

It would be SO NICE to actually have chance to enter a static config…

As a network engineer and sysadmin, i absolutely tilt when an app is not doing its job and not being able to control it my way…

The “Apple” way of doing things (try to do all by itlself while not providing a log, isolate the user from real things, etc) is driving me nuts…

Why not we can add it. :wink:

Hello! Same issue here. It connects flawlessy through iphone web app and pc chrome browser, but my android tablet is not able to connect… i tries the app AND chrome but with no good results. Strange because i used that very tablet to configure volumio during the hotspot steps…
Same wifi of course.
Has anyone had the same problem?

Thank you!

We almost completed some fixes to the app, including the option to set manually an ip address… Few days and an update will be available

Oh, ok grazie Migelangelo!


Grazie :slight_smile:

Hello! Now i fully understand your post. Chrome on android is actually able to connect to volumio but only using the right ip address and not volumio.local =) i made a chrome link on desktop and it’s ok =)


For anyone having the same issue, track back the ip address of volumio, use it in place of volumio.local. Then, in the chrome menu go to “Send to the home page”… and now the spell is being cast… android will replace the standard chrome bookmark icon with Volumio’s and it will work like a charm!
Probably, in case of a modem restart the ip address will change so you will have to follow the procedure again. But it is a 1 minute job.