Volumio Android App BETA Testing Programme

Version 2.645 is out as of 22 May 2018, it may take some time to roll out to everyone.
Thank you immensely for the feedback so far! Keep it up!

Hi Everyone!

Well, needless to say, the Volumio Android App is a killer, and not in the good way!
So far the users haven’t been so happy about it so we are putting a lot of work into it lately.

The BETA testing programme is now open for the Volumio Android App
If you would like to try out the latest features and additions and follow the development upclose, this is where you sign in: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/volumio.browser.Volumio

Registrations to the programme will be open for a limited amount of time so hurry up if you really want to!

Please note that it may take a while for you to start getting the BETA updates once you opt in.

Keep in mind that there might be even multiple updates a day on the BETA channel.
Finally, I will apologize in advance for all the bugs that you WILL encounter if you decide to opt in.
Just understand that the Volumio ecosystem is a pretty complex one, and it’s not so easy to get it right the first time, we will keep working on the Android App until it reaches perfection!

Until then, let’s get to work!

You SHOULD use this post to leave feedback.
Any feedback should include the following:
Android Version:
App version:

[size=150]Remember that feedback is the reason the world gets better!
Thank you in advance!

Must i buy it before sign to the beta testing? i signed and now it’s not possible install or buy it… :slight_smile:

Finally some love to the Android app!

Just signed in to the beta :wink:

@burmar the BETA programme is aimed at the App’s daily users, who as such already have the app :slight_smile:

@Jucgshu waiting for feedback then!

Ok, so i must buy it and then enter the beta testing…

@pintea & all,

Still didn’t receive the beta version from the play store. It was no joke when you were mentionning it could take a while :wink:

@Jucgshu yeah, no kidding! From experience I can tell you that clearing Play Store’s cache and just using it a bit often helps

Got it! Will test it this weekend :wink:

Well guys, the new lock screen feature is really cool. The ability to pause right from the lock screen is awesome. Would be nice to have additional buttons like prev/next or volume -/+.

Must say it’s now a lot faster to login to Volumio as well, and overall I’m really pleased with the upgrade.

Only problem is that the app seems to loose Volumio’s connection after a while. Hense looses the lock screen controls and has to log back in, which is slower than just bringing back the app. But this was a problem that existed prior to the upgrade.

Great job @pintea :wink:

Device: Nexus 5
Android Version: 7.1.2
App version: 2.632

Hi @Jucgshu!

Thanks! Yeah we were wondering how bad the connection loss was and realized it’s pretty bad still.
We will keep working on it and soon post some updates!

Best of Luck,

Thanks for your hard work on this app. I bought the app just to support its development and to check out the beta. I’m not sure if it is just me but I am finding that the app works great for a while then is not able to find any Volumio devices on my network (2 or 3, depending on what I’m tinkering with).

The fix is to clear data and restart the app and it works perfectly every time. I think maybe the saved settings and devices are not valid anymore? My router assigns a new IP address to every device after reboot. Maybe after 3 to 5 seconds of searching the app can clear its cache for found devices and start fresh?

Device: Samsung SM-T377A (Galaxy Tab E)
Android Version: 6.0.1
App version: 2.632

Quick feedback on the UI after using the app for a few minutes:

From the main “Playing” screen, you can swipe right or left to get to the “Music” and “Queue” screens, but you cannot swipe back to “Playing”.

The Back button has no effect. You can only exit the app via the Home.


@Rees sorry about the late reply, we’ve just released a new version that should fix the problem you described. Just a bug :smiley:

@EddleA I’m looking into that, will keep you updated!

I really love the controls in the lock screen.

A little issue: in the Queue view the icons ‘random play’ and ‘repeat’ don’t works well.

Device: Huawei P9 lite
Android Version: 7
App version: 2.645

I’m glad to hear you are loving it @MrSeamus!!!
I’ll be looking into that and will report as soon as I’ve identified the issue!

Test with Samsung S6edge and Android 7.0 on RPi3 / Hifiberry Amp+ and Volumio V2.348:
the App is working nice together with the Volumio device, but after a while the web page gets lost on the smartphone:
When I’m closing all Apps and restart the Volumio App, it’s working fine until the error appears again.
With kind regards

Phone : Honor 7 / Android 6.0
Tablet : Huawei Mediapad M2 / Android 5.1.1
Device : Odroid C2
Volumio : pure 2.344

Comments :

  1. No exit with back button

  2. Swipe left / right from play screen ok, but no swipe back … ah, it works, but you need to swipe from “empty” part of the screen …

  3. How to get beta updates ? After first install from market

  4. How to check app version ?

  5. How to reset connection properties ?

  6. Phone : In landscape mode play screen have scroll bar on right, … the screen controls need to be smaller, and they can fit on a screen… Tablet OK.

  7. Phone : Opened volume controlls top is missing ( vol. up and volume by number) … Tablet OK.

  8. But … it is very usable volumio controller, stable, nice, shiny … I forget the web version, after installation of app.

ThanX for development …

Tapatalkkal küldve az én PLK-L01 eszközömről

Hey I just wanted to post here again to give some feedback about the current beta of the Volumio app (not sure how to check version so as of June 16th).

I have 2 devices that work flawlessly and the app consistently picks up my 3 Volumio players running on an RPI 2 and two RPI 3’s. I haven’t had any issues at all to report in quite some time of daily use. The devices are a Samsung Tab S3 running stock Android 7.1 and an LG G4 phone running stock Android 6.0.

The device I am having trouble on is almost certainly due to the dated system web browser which is running Cyanogenmod 11 which is Android 4.4. The issue is likely with compatibility of Volumio’s web interface as the same issue occurs on the stock web browser as well. I can run it just fine using Chrome on the same tablet.

All screens work except now playing which is missing the ability to scroll up or down in portrait orientation. It works fine in landscape.
Screenshots attached showing both orientations.

We had a similar report. This is because we removed the compatibility browser: it allowed old devices to work perfectly, but made the browsing quite slow for everyone else.
The solution is to install chromium beta.
Let us know

Ok great I thought that might be the case as my tablet is quite old. I was able to use Chrome as you noted and the option to “Add to Home Screen” makes it easy to open up without typing the IP address. As a side note there is a good free App called Port Authority that can scan and list all of the Volumio devices on the network.

Thanks for the quick reply and the awesome App ,and Volumio itself of course!