Volumio and static address


Is it normall that Volumio does not work with static IP address?

I rather know what I am doing, so it is not about basic network management errors.

That’s not normal, it should work.However:

  • Ethernet or WiFI?
  • Assigned the MAC to IP in your DHCP server (normally your modem or router)
  • Using the correct subnet

Thanks for response.
It is Ether

Even trying to change the native DNS ends up not communicating with my RPI with VOLUMIO…

Might be my network and router, but I had frequent network problems with a static ip, none with dynamic.

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But all my nodes except VOLUMIO have static IP.

I will work on it later, because for now I have run out of ideas …

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What if you leave the rPi on dynamic, but assign the IP on your DHCP thingy?
I did that in my network and never has issues. Just a brain farth

If both router and Volumio Pi are on dynamic (DHCP) then you’ll probably get a new IP address assigned whenever you reboot either of them.

As noted above, you can make a static address on either Volumio or the Router. Doing it on the router is best as if you do it on the Pi there is still some risk of a clash if the router assigns that same IP address via DHCP when the Pi isn’t connected (the clash will happen on the next connection).

Belt and braces is to set a static IP address on both, as long as you make sure that it’s the same address.

Thanks you all very much for support, but turned out, that the problem was caused by unsuccessful flashing SD card. Reflashing SD solved all problems.

What were you doing wrong? And how you solved your issue?

Knowing that will help us improve our documentation