Volumio and RPi4 + Allo DigiOne playback crashing Tidal Connect

I’ve been having nonstop issues ever since I started using Volumio on a new RPi4 along with an Allo DigiOne. Basically, I have to reboot the device daily for playback to even work. In I typically don’t have issues connecting to TidalConnect, but when I press play nothing happens unless I reboot the RPi vis the volumio dashboard.

Today, I actually got it to work without a fresh reboot, but after about an hour of listening it crashed. Tidal Connect stays connected, however the music stops playing and attempting to play/pause or change tracks works from the Tidal App, but playback just sits at 0:00 no matter what I do. System logs attached below following the crash event. Note that I can still login to the web GUI and see the current song, it’s just that playback doesn’t work. Looks like there’s several errors with some of the services failing from what I can tell at the end of the logs.


Do you have the same behavior when you set the mixer to none?

I checked, my mixer is actually already set to none. I control volume externally via my dedicated DAC’s remote for reference.