Volumio and Raspberry 4 not start

Hello everyone, HELP, I was normally listening to music on volumio when it suddenly stopped (maybe a smartphone tried to access the volumio wifi). on reboot there was following error

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B - 8GB
bootloader C2f8c388 Apr 29 2021
update-ts 1619712685

board: d03115 6f66be62 e4:5f:01:9b:f4:7a
SD: card detected 00744a60555344553120428…
part: 0mbr [0x00:00000000…
net: down ip: 0000…
ftfp: …

lba 0oem: ‘’ volume: ’
rsc 0 fat-sector 0 c-count 0 c-size 0 r-dir 0 r-sec 0
trying partition: 0
unable to read partition as fat
USB2[1] 400202e1 connected
USB2 root HUB port 1 init

Is there a way to restart without reinstalling and above all reconfiguring everything?
Thanks bye

it looks like your SD-card is damaged

you can try to stick the SD card in your WinPC and let windows repair the boot partition of the SD card. If it succeeds, take a backup with win32imager

Hello, it seems that the sd is damaged. I had to reinstall everything. I will now make a backup copy of cpn win32 disk image, Do you know if there are other software to make SD backups? Thank you, HI