VOLUMIO and problems using HD44780 16×2 LCDd / lcdproc

Hello to all,
I’m not new to VOLUMIO, I’ve been using it for almost two years, but recently I’ve decided to upgrade it with HiFi berry DIGI+, and I’m very satisfied with performance, and therefore I would like to make small network playback device based on this configuration.
To have also some info on device I planed to use LCD 20×4 or 16×2. I’ve followed few instructions from internet, which are based to use LCDd / lcdproc to show data on display, but that was without any success. I even didn’t make to welcome message from LCDd, that means something is wrong from the beginning. I’ve even tried to compile from source lcdproc-0.5.7 but again without success. I’m sure that configuration in LCDd.conf is OK because I’ve been through thousands of times. Also I’m sure that wiring is OK because I’ve tried LCD using small python programs and it runs OK showing expected data. Must say that also I’ve had some garbage on LCD when I used some GPIO’s but actual wiring which works with python is:
Now I’m getting desperate because I don’t know in which direction to go to use LCD display for MPD data which will work with VOLUMIO and HiFiBerry Digi. Can somebody point me to some info how to get this combination working?
Another thing is that I would like to add also remote control receiver to device, I’ve also found some instructions, but here I believe that is a problem that receiver that I had at home doesn’t work with 3,3V, I have to search for some other.


(better late than never) :wink:

When you are using a RPi model 2 then you need an updated driver for the display. It’s been around on many places on the Internet, but here is a direct link to get on your RPi with wget:
sudo wget -O /home/pi/lcdproc/hd44780.so ftp.digitalhifi.nl/Raspberry/hd44780.so
(or any other folder where the drivers are loaded from according you configuration)

Reading through the LCD display manual on http://lcdproc.sourceforge.net/docs/current-user.html#hd44780-config it learns that the pins in the config file LCDd.conf should be called as:



These are the default but you can change baring in mind the pins used by the HifiBerry DIGI.
Works like a charm!