Volumio and PIGPIOD won't play together

I currently have two Raspberry Pi 2. The first one runs plain Raspbian with PHP web interface to control my whole-house audio system; this makes use of the PIGPIOD daemon http://abyz.co.uk/rpi/pigpio/pigpiod.html to provide an I2C interface to all the muxes and DACs. The second runs Volumio 1.55 with a HiFi Digi clone to feed S/PDIF to the whole house audio. I would like to combine the two systems into one. I installed PIGPIO on Volumio, but I can’t make them both work together. If I start Volumio, then start PIDPIOD, I get no sound and the WEB UI appears frozen. I suspect a resource clash. Does anyone know where the logs are for Volumio? Any other hints on how to narrow it down?


I found the solution.
“By default pigpio uses the PCM peripheral for the default clock.
Try starting the pigpio daemon as follows to use the PWM clock instead.
sudo pigpiod -t0 # zero”