Volumio and IPad- Missing keyboard?

It’s only a minor irritation but I wonder if anyone else has had this problem - and if they did, perhaps they found a solution.

There are times when I need to input something into the Volumio U.I. but the keyboard on my iPad doesn’t appear. Most of the time all is fine, however on occasions the screen moves up and a blank space is left where the keyboard should be - but no keyboard appears. Sometimes nothing, no screen change, simply a cursor in the Volumio input box - but no keyboard.

This has happened in the past with Volumio2 as well as Volumio3.

Wondering if the keyboard needs a ‘kickstart’ I have tried coming out of Volumio and into email where the keyboard behaves correctly. Going back into Volumio however, the problem still exists.

Shutting down the iPad and restarting it clears the fault and all is fine. Happy days!

I do have many plugins running and the iPad gets used for many things so replicating this lack of keyboard is not an easy task! Far easier to restart the iPad!

Just wondered if anyone had any ideas……


i had this behavior in other apps too on an iPad 9 and iPhone X - never on iPhone SE…

i guess Apple has to fix something- or there may be a workaround, that an app dev could code…?