Volumio and I2S card

I tried to install Volimio on my MusicServer which is an Intel PC. An I2S card like this (mine is an older model) is installed in the PC, which I use to interface with my DAC, unfortunately this card is not detected by Volumio. In Windows the card is recognized without any driver as High Definition Speakear but in Volumio it does not appear. Can I do anything to fix this problem?

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I think it will be hard to get it working as the card doesn’T support Linux on Intel.

  • Intel CPU with all Windows versions (WASAPI)
  • AMD CPU with all Windows versions (WASAPI)
  • AMD CPU with all Linux distributions (ALSA)

For the new model is right but my model of card is supported, at least I think why I installed Roon Rock on the server (that is a Linux version) and the card working correctly