Volumio and Geeekworm

My first post, and apologies in advance if this has been asked before (and is also somewhat lengthy).
Firstly, I’m completely new to the Raspberry Pi environment.
I however took the plunge and invested in a Pi 4, with the intention of using it as a music source in the workplace environment.
I am using a Chord Mojo as an external DAC/amplifier with Volumio.
I am also using an external SSD as the source of my library.
I have installed and configured Volumio and find it brilliant, especially the Tidal integration.

However, I would like to reduce the clutter involved in my setup.
As such I was looking at the Geekworm X825 case, with the X825 SSD expansion board (to enable me to keep my SSD within the case) and X735 power management board (to give me an on/off switch).
Firstly, has anyone had any success in getting this particular combination to work?
Does Volumio recognise the SSD, and will the power switch work?
Also, it would appear that the interface between the SSD board/Pi appears to affect the Pi’s wi-fi capability.
Is there a wi-fi dongle (as opposed to the one on the official site, which has a 3 month lead time) which is known to work with Volumio?

Many thanks in advance for any responses.


2 suggestions:

  • When you get your SSD drive, make sure you can power it up with additional power (not only the power from Raspberry PI). SSD tend to be very power-hungry and this might cause issues if you don’t provide a separate power source to them.
  • I don’t suggest to add an on-off switch, since it will require you to install separate software that might not work correctly if not set up properly

Hi Michelangelo, many thanks for your response.

It would appear that my best bet for a power switch would therefore be to purchase a RemotePi board, as this appears to be supported by Volumio via a plugin?
It’ll mean modifying a case to accept the new USB-C port on the RemotePi unfortunately.
It’s a shame as I really wanted to house all of the components in a single unit, but this won’t be achievable with the Geekworm SSD board in conjunction with the RemotePi board I suspect.
Also, as my external SSD is powered from my Pi at present I would assume that adding the RemotePi board won’t affect this.
Only one way to find out, I suppose.

Many thanks, and take care.