Volumio and Cover Art from Streaming Services (Spotify, Apple Music)


New Volumio User with RPi3, Allo Kali, Piano Dac v.1.0, Rasberry Pi 7" screen who is struggling with couple of things. I have attempted to search and read through some of the FAQ but I did not find anything that helped answer my question, so posting a new thread about it. I am pretty sure that I am doing something stupid and missing a configuration setting to address the issue. I am using the free version of MyVolumio, in case that makes a difference.

  1. I plan to use Spotify via Spotify Connect (multiple folks in the household will be using it) and Apple Music via Airplay. Under both I can connect and stream without any issues but neither of them show the album cover of the song currently playing. If I start Spotify from withing Volumio it shows the album cover.
  2. How do I configure Volumio to show the correct bitrate. For example, Apple Music is saying it’s 24-bit/48kHz ALAC but Volumio is show it as 44.1/16bit. Is Airplay restricted to 16-bit/44.1kHz? Streaming Apple Music Lossless is one of the goals.
  3. Trying to enable SSH via http://volumio.local/dev screen but I always get “Connection reset by ipaddress port 22” when trying to connect. I do not see an option to save the settings under “Enable SSH”

1 and 2 are critical, I can leave without the SSH access.

Thank You

Try replacing volumio.local with the IP address of your Volumio system.

This is a known problem and a fix should be on the way. If you want everyone to have access via Connect, log out of Spotify in the Volumio plugin.

Well, good luck with that outside the Apple Universe :wink:

Darko Audio on youtube has done a lot of videos regarding streaming Apple Music.

Yes Airplay1 restricted to 16-bit/44.1kHz. Airplay 2 ( 24-bit/48kHz) is not stable enough to make it to Volumio

Thank you. Logged out and I am no longer able to connect via Spotify Connect even though it shows up as option. I also tried the ip address instead of the volumio.local option.

I will wait for the fix.

Got it so for now it’s a no go with Apple Music.

Yep, I have successfully used ipad connected to usb dac but was hoping for more remote control option.

Back to the drawing board :grinning: