Volumio and AlexaPi?


I’ve recently installed Volumio on a new rpi with a Hifiberry DAC+ pro and works perfectly, however, I wanted to also install AlexaPi on the rpi.
After installing AlexaPi and starting it, confirming that it did indeed start, everything froze and I could no longer SSH into the rpi, access the web GUI, or even access it via a normal screen and keyboard. It just keeps freezing on boot…
Anyone got a clue of what could be wrong or have any experience installing this combination before?

Thanks in advance

You are unlikely to be able to successfully install AlexaPi alongside Volumio. Volumio is highly optimised/customised from standard Raspbian to give a great audio experience, and attempting to install complex software alongside it, which is also trying to access audio, is just not going to work without considerable effort on your part. Sorry.

That’s what I expected :confused: And it doesn’t get any easier since I can’t find any way to access any logs when it crashes :confused:

You can run a log in real time from an ssh session … ‘sudo journalctl -f’ or look at other journalctl logs (have a Google for details).

Can’t ssh into it either after I installed AlexaPi, literally nothing works…