Volumio + Allo DigiOne Player + DAC (Schiit or Rega) ?

I am building a second streaming network player - next to my current Bluesound Node 2, which is quite decent in SQ, but not that great.

I am planning to use the new Allo DigiOne Player running Volumio. And I am considering two DAC options:

  1. Schiit Bifrost (AK 4490)
  2. Rega DAC-R (Wolfson WM8742).

Which DAC is better with SQ and compatibility with Allo DigiOne and Volumio?


This, unfortunately for this forum, is a piece-of-string question. Both of the DACs you mention are regarded highly but the final sound quality is going to depend on your listening room/speakers/cabling/power/amp/interconnects, and then we get onto your hearing. Both DACs will work with Volumio as Volumio is just pushing bits over an interconnect, it’s not actually controlling these off-board DACs. Best anyone can say is try them both (assuming you have a tame dealer) and go from there. An enjoyable quest, I think…

Chris M

Have you considered the Denafrips Ares dac? I have had both the bifrost multibit and rega dac and imo and preference, the Ares is leagues better.

Im using dietpi with roon bridge and squeezelite and shereplay. Allo digione with pi3 connected with bnc to my schiit gungnir s/d Dac. Result is absolutlly amaizing!!! Compered to Mytek Brooklyn 2000 us$ dac, difference is so minimal, I prefer my gungnir which I wanted to sell but not now after I got Allo digione! Gungnir doesnt have mqa and dsd, but who need it?