Volumio All-In-One (Hi-End)

Hello all Volumio followers,

Sharing with you my last project of a Volumio AIO streamer/player.

Summary of the project:
The idea of this project was to have a High Fidelity AIO system relatively small, the launch of several “HiFi ROSE” products gave me an idea, also some other DIY projects for what can be done with a Raspberry Pi and Volumio.

Ok let’s start with the components:

  • Raspberry Pi 4B
  • 7.9" Touch Screen LCD, 400×1280
  • SMSL Sanskrit 10th MKⅡ
  • Amplifier TPA3255; SINAD:~95@5W/4Ω; Output Power: <1% THD+N 110W-8Ω, 220W-4Ω
  • Softstart Module for amplifier
  • Dual SMPS PSU
  • Polk Audio ES15
  • Case HiFi2000
  • Volumio 3

Time for some pictures… :wink:

The Packages

The Layout

Let’s fire up this thing

Great!!! Moving to a new place and testing the Polk’s

That was a journey! But i’m pretty glad with the end result and the sound it produces! :blush:
A dead silent Hi-Fi AIO system able to fill up my listening room with high fidelity sound.

Still a work in progress.

Best Regards


Hello, excellent work, the final result is incredible, when you can I would appreciate a list of components and design, thanks…

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Congrats on your work, very nice result.

I noticed you chose a switching mode power supply, did you consider going with a linear type but decided against?
As I am planning to build a streamer myself, it would help me to know your reasoning for or against.

Hello all and thanks for the kindly words. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can check the list of components on my first post that’s a general list of the components i’ve used, if you need some help with some specific component please let me know… I’m glad to help!

Nice to have more projects! :wink:
Well as i wrote the idea was to create a small AIO system with that in mind the route should be to power the system with SMPS as it’s lighter and small footprint, but in the beggining indeed i thought about going with Linear PSU for all the components but then i start digging and found that if you want to have a good Linear PSU system or let’s say better than what i have (Dual SMPS) it will be more expensive, heavier and couldn’t use on such a small footprint project.
About your question nothing against Linear just keep in mind SMPS are much more efficiency, lighter, small footprint but a really good Linear Supply should improve something.
I can’t complain right now with my SMPS as i have a dead silent system even with max volume can’t hear any humm or hiss on the speakers.

Best Regards guys
Duarte O.


Thanks for explaining the thought process you went through with choosing your psu setup. I am not sure yet if I go for a full 430mm case or something more compact.

When I go compact, I might look for an external psu. Already have got me a 8.8" 1920x480 screen so that needs a slightly bigger case anyway.
What are the dimension for the HiFi200 case you used? I googled it and think you got it from Modushop Italy, but their site is not loading atm.

I found another url for hifi2000 shop, and I believe you have a custom Maggiorato GX388 case.

Hello, I meant, if possible, a link to the components, with that box name many measurements come out, with other components the same thing happens, and if possible a diagram, if possible, thanks in advance.


Indeed that’s my case GX388 it depends on your project. Also i dont know the size for your screen…
I think you can fit it on the GX388 but i think you can’t fit everything on a case as i did…
If you need any help let me know :wink:

Best Regards
Duarte Ornelas

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Hey @dasogoster
I’m not sure if i understand what you asking
Here’s the components i use:

Raspberry Pi 4B
7.9" Touch Screen LCD, 400×1280
SMSL Sanskrit 10th MKⅡ
Amplifier TPA3255; SINAD:~95@5W/4Ω; Output Power: <1% THD+N 110W-8Ω, 220W-4Ω
Softstart Module for amplifier
Polk Audio ES15
Case HiFi2000 GX388
Volumio 3

Please let me know if that’s what you asking…

Best Regards
Duarte Ornelas

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Hi Duarte, thanks for confirmation of the case and offering your help. Yes, my screen will fit and I do not plan to have much inside. LCD, RPi and maybe a power supply.
As I use active monitors as speakers, I do not need an internal amp. And my RPi is connected by USB to an external DAC.

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I guess you can go with a small case just for the rpi LCD and the PSU on that i think you dont need a Linear PSU…
Better to save some bucks in this and then build the dac/amp with a good Linear PSU.

Best Regards

If I go for a case from HiFi2000 the next step down is not wide enough (inner space for the GX283 model is just 210mm wide). My screen is 231.1mm wide with a height of 64.3mm which also dictates a 2U (80mm) height is needed.

I only could opt for a less deep version of the same case, but I prefer the deeper one so I can place other components on top if needed. And it would save me only a couple of Euro anyway. I believe it is good to have space enough for an internal psu when I want to.

Yeah, good point on designating some budget to get a better linear power supply for my Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M. That would do more good then going linear for the lcd and RPi which does not decode any audio anyway.
My amps psu I cannot improve, they are inside my active monitors (Tannoy Gold 8).

Enough food for thought, not in any hurry to make decisions. I have the POC playing already and working on a custom PeppyMeter screensaver for my screen.

But enough about my plans, not here to ‘steal your thread’ with me rambling on. :wink:
I will start my own project thread when the time comes.


  1. yes indeed i was talking about Gx383 but i also choose the gx388 on terms of size/money i think that’s the best options.

  2. exactly it makes more sense Linear for dac and amp than for rpi and LCD no improvement on that i think…

  3. No steals… Just sharing some ideas :wink:

Best Regards

Wonderful build, duartello! Would you mind sharing your config.txt file and any other changes you made to the boot? I’m working on a similar project and am struggling to get the screen rotated to landscape as yours is. I’ve tried everything in the Waveshare setup guide to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated!

What is your issue?
Won’t the display rotate or is the touch not inline with display?
this should be in the userconfig.txt

hdmi_timings=400 0 100 10 140 1280 10 20 20 2 0 0 0 60 0 43000000 3

Don’t do any rotation in “touch_display”

If the touch is not in line with the display, use the hardware button on the back of the panel.

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Looks like everything is working smoothly now. I was having troubles with screen rotation in Moode but Volumio works well with this screen. I thought the issue would carry over and that duartello may have found some useful work-arounds.

Thanks for the quick response!

Didnt arrive in time;)
But happy that you solve it

CLASS D amp for music - not so good from tmy POV.
Why? You don’t like class A - A/B amps?

Almost every A-Brand starts to move to Class D, so for some reason there is an increasing demand.
It’s more efficient, easier to maintain, no need to calibrate the output dc offset or distortion.