Volumio Airplay dies randomly

Hey there, as I am new here I just wanted to first say how much I love Volumio!

I am running:

  • HARDWARE - Raspberry Pi 3
  • DAC - Audiophonics I-Sabre V3 ES9023 TCXO
  • NETWORK - ethernet wired only (no wireless or hotspot)
  • PLAYBACK - output device HiFiBerry DAC (all other settings are default)
  • VOLUMIO - v2.201
  • I have done full wipe of the SD card and reinstalled volumio from fresh download.

I play music to Volumio via Airplay from my iPhone, and randomly the Volumio Airplay service will disappear, causing me to have to do a full reboot of the RPi3. I have not been able to find any correlations as to when/why this happens.

Some things I have noticed when this issue occurs: I can still ping the RPi3, I can still SSH to the RPi (Volumio), I can run ‘volumio status’, I cannot run any Volumio service control commands, and the volumio.local web page does not respond.

Please let me know what other details I can provide.

Thanks for helping.

Also let me add:

this has been happening for the last few versions but seems more prevalent in latest version

When the Volumio Airplay service dies, it is also gone from non-wifi devices like my Mac mini or MacBookPro (wired connection).

I have also checked my wifi router settings, and network switch to make sure there are no blocks or security that would cause this.

a couple notes…

  • noticed that the Volumio Airplay service goes away when a call comes in
    *noticed that after making a connection with my iPhone, that at some point the Volumio Airplay service no longer shows for other devices including volumio.local, yet the music keeps playing from my iPhone.
  • just noticed that even though I am not able to get to volumio.local, I can get the the web page via it’s IP address.

Could you please send us a bug report when this happens? And paste here the log link
See here:
volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … oting.html

This will be very helpful!

Here you go…