Volumio 976 Access Point questions

(moved this thread to help)

Saw the new Access Point feature after update. Great to have it!

Two questions:

  1. Is it possible to set that AP with Internet sharing through the Ethernet cable?
    I’m using the Pi as a hotspot for the living room, but the Internet comes from the Ethernet cable rather from another Wifi router.

  2. How about secure AP

I’m using Pi 2 with HiFiBerry DAC plus (sound is fine! configured with UI)

Best and thanks

Security will be added to the AP in future releases. At the moment we just wanted you all to try it out.


How about Internet sharing?
I’m not requesting for a feature (as I suppose this topic is not so common by most of the people), but for any guidance to tweak things up, if one has the experience


Plenty of google links to this type of application, for example http://willhaley.com/blog/raspberry-pi-hotspot-ew7811un-rtl8188cus/. You just need to be careful with the chipset of the wifi dongle you are using.

Indeed I am familiar with those guides, and aware of the chipset importance (mine is RaLink of WiPi dongle).

I used to have success with constructing a hotspot with an old Runeaudio version using the create_ap script, but many attempts to create one with newer versions of Runeaudio/Volumio/MoOde just result in an access point without Internet sharing.

This is why I ask for someone’s experience (or particular help :slight_smile:) with Volumio.