Volumio 4G LTE USB dongle + hotspot

Hi, I am trying to create a mobile hotspot from my volumio on a RPI 4 where phones and other devices can connect to to allow everyone to stream spotify music(off grid system). I have a usb dongle that allows for a sim card to be installed that gives the device a wired network connection. The device does send out a hotspot but does not seem to have any connection. could the problem be the dongle or does this configuration just not work?


The device does seem to have internet connection as i do appear to be logged and being able to update plugins. The device is discoverable via spotify devices on the phone. but connecting to it just gives a “connecting…” status for 5 seconds and then nothing.

Volumio only works on the same subnet as the dongle, If the dongle exposes a hotspot, the mobile devices need to connect to this hotspot.

I just don’t get why you want to go this way, or better what the benefits are dongle vs normal network.

I am building a speaker based around volumio that is supposed to work on a car battery(Off the grid, big boy speaker). It has a raspberry pi 4 and a 7" touchscreen. It should be able to connect to any wifi network when there’s one available but I want to be able to connect phones and stream from Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube,… on the hotspot it sends out when no wifi network is available. So I would expect it to need a connection to 4G.

Are there any other methods todo this?

I don’t want the system to depend on anyone’s phone so that’s not going to be an option.

I ordered a mifi router from TP-link(U plug in a sim card and it sends out a wifi network) so that will probably work as well. If I just connect the pi and phones to that when nothing else is available.