Volumio 3 x86, to the console and back to the gui

On Volumio 3, x86, on hdmi TV, I noticed that when switching to the console, Alt-F1 (tty1), I can’t go back to the GUI, and I tried various combinations, won’t Alt-F7 ?! And, is there a command like startX to re-enter the internal web Gui ?!

Ctrl-F2 brings you back

Alt-F2 bring mi back to GUI, but I noticed that by pressing F1 I go to Google Help, where I can use Google search and YouTube, and watch and listen to music videos (Nbr music)! When I want to get out of there, I type Alt-F4, and enter the tty1 console, however, now Alt-F2 doesn’t work, to go back to the Web GUI, but opens tty2? Is there any command to get back to the Volumio GUI from here ?!