Volumio 3 USB DAC works on RPI3 but not on RPI4, all else the same

Same here. Don’t experience much problems with the rPi4.
Even one of them, powers the topping E30II without issues, where the rPi3 fails to do this.
My systems are all powered by a LPS 5V/5A.

please post a log when this happens.

Thank you for input.

I will get an original Raspberry 3A RPi4 PSU today and give it a try.

I agree, there should not be a problem, but there is. It is consistent.

I do have two identical sound cards so that is not the problem either (HW). -And I have 2pcs RPi4 and 4pcs RPi3, all do the same.

My sound card is asynchronous, maybe that is a problem. But so should many others. The RPi4 works fine with a Topping D10s (and B) USB.

Is there a way of making the RPi4 using a bigger buffer towards the DAC? The buffer in the user interface in Volumio is towards the stream supplier I guess.

My RPi4 has 32Gb SD card and has 4Gb internally. HW version is Rev 1.4. Is there a FW update for these?

Thank you for trying to help out.

I noticed that the latest Volumio SW update also updated the FW/Kernel so that should be fine. Now it is * Kernel: 6.1.58-v7l+ from the Plug-in “System Information”.

I’m lost here.

Did you try a hub ?
Not for the power, some usb chipsets just plainly do not play nicely with others.

the kernel update was required for supporting RPi5

Thank you M1ck!!

I did put a small 3-port USB2.0 HUB in the USB3 outlet on the PRi4 and then on to my USB 2.0 sound card and we are still live after 3 min 40 sec. GREAT.

Never though there would be chips that don’t like each other on USB level. Crazy.

I will keep it rolling for a few hours and see if it keeps on playing. Fingers crossed.

Thank you to everyone trying to help.


Still running after several hours. Great news.

I still have no idea what really happened here, but it works. I just have to keep the USB hub there as it seem to work. Odd indeed.

Now its time to reassemble my Streamer/DSP/XO to my newly build active JBL 4367M speakers. Exciting times.

Thank you all and especially M1ck