Volumio 3 - update failed install

I have just selected to install the new Volumio 3 update (AI search, discovery etc) from the system menu on my pc install of Volumio 3 (Intel NUC Rugged). However, it didn’t install the update. The app on my iPad cannot now detect any Volumio devices, so I have no Volumio at all. Looking for Devices finds none! Not a great update. Does anyone have any advice? Do I need to create another USB image and copy to the NUC again?

I’ve plugged in an HDMI cable and connected the pc to a monitor and rebooted the NUC. On reboot it says on the screen that no bootable has been detected.

Seems something went wrong during the update. Hard to tell what happened. I would advice to flash a new USB with V3.512 and write it to the disk.

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I have a similar issue two RPis & an x86, the x86 & one of the RPis are fine, the other nothing at all and strangely it looks like it boots activity LEDs flash ect but nothing and it does seem to get very hot… I suspect an error during the update has goosed the SD card, will flash another card tomorrow and see how I get on

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