Volumio 3 RC1 - Open Beta Testing

Thanks. In the process of copying it.
HiFiBerry replied to my request with:
" HiFiBerry team

This isn’t about Volumio, but piCorePlayer. It has nothing to do with the Volumio configuration in the Volumio UI.
While we will look into the Volumio stuff, this has nothing to do with this problem."

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Tried 3.141 but ALSA error when trying Radio Paradise. :cry:

Also with last beta 3.139 Tidal don’t see Volumio device for Tidal connect

This is my log:

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no problems here with Tidal Connect. Smooth and stable.
Topping D10s or iFi ZEN DAC

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RPI4 2GB, Topping D10, V3.139

Just to confirm the hang at startup if wifi is disabled is well and truly fixed.

Boy does Volumio 3 startup,shutdown and operate really snappy… Shaping up nicely. Great work :+1:

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I think I have found the problem I reported earlier about playlists not playing on qobuz. Or rather I have found out how to reproduce.
When playing this playlist from qobuz track 2 never starts playing. Something makes mpd hang i think after the first track. I cant find anything in the logs but would be cool if someone can try this. Just listen to the playlist until track2 is supposed to start.

I am on a RPI 3b+ with the latest 3.139 version of volumio.


My log… : http://logs.volumio.org/volumiobuster/HQKZPyw.html

I reported an issue with 3.129 which is persisting with 3.139. About once a day, some Volumio functionality is freezing, for example filtering albums or artists by keyword stops working - if I type in a keyword nothing happens. A restart fixes this (for a while).

Is this the same issue as is listed in the current issues “Volumio freezing after one day- FIXED” ? And if this issue is fixed, why is it still in the OPEN issues list? :slight_smile:

RPi4 running FusionDSP plugin

Is this correct and does it point the way to remedy?
If it helps I can post a reply on the HiFiBerry Forum, I just need to be given the words to say !

Hello Guys,

Today I have tried 139, now on 141 , and when I play internet radio , I see the radio station name .
But I have lost artist and song title information . This was present in the version prior to .139 .
When playing from my music library all is OK.

The internet radio protocol I was playing was shoutcast and icecast .

HW is raspberry pi3B .

i have installed 3.139
When i try to install plug-ins i got the message:
" To access the plugins store you need to [login to MyVolumio]"

Is Volumio not free anymore? Why the force to login to get plug-ins?
Thanks reboot

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It is a free registration. Just need a email and password
It is still free :wink:

it’s a real illness with these forced logins.

Why do this … what you become like MS, Google, Apple, …
in my opinion this is not necessary … volumio2 have shown this.

I will try to install the plug-ins via ssh, when this will not working … than good bye

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This is open issue in the first post, is there any explanation for this one? i’m mostly looking at if and how this could affect volumio client apps?

Doesn’t this also mean that when rebooting volumio, it will take more time to get connected?


I does not prevent from using ssh. And it may be temporary, waiting system being stable…

I also saw this and i also don’t like this “new feature”.
Please revert it like it was in volumio2.
Of course i have a login, but as “reboot” told this is not google or microsoft :grimacing:


Personally I’m happy to provide a login in exchange for fabulous otherwise free software, especially as it sounds so good.


My error Hw audio configured: IQaudIO Pi-DigiAMP+



that i mean, … not free … when you want to get it, i force you to make a login and gather all information/data from you i can get.

i think we have different points of view, want is means free.

In my view it mean not only “not pay money” it also mean “not pay with your data”

may everyone rate “volumio free for ever” for themselves


Please dont be afraid to spend a little money for something that brings you Joy. Or you can develop your own program🤑