Volumio 3 on Khadas devices

This topic was created to discuss all issues regarding the community version for Volumio 3 on Khadas boards VIM1, VIM2 and VIM3.

Images will be built at regular times to follow up on finished Volumio development cycles.
As I have left the community developer team, there will be no more updates, support has ceased.

Anyone willing to help maintain the Khadas platform is very welcome.

For myVolumio you would rely on build support by the Volumio core team. There is no confirmation or guarantee this will happen.

Newest Release

See the changelog link on the download page




Previous Releases




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I flashed this to a SD card and it didn’t work.

which version did you flash to which device?

I used the VIM3 version with BalenaEtcher onto a micro SD Card with a VIM3L. I had a Tone Board fitted so removed it and still the same. It started to boot then some errors and eventually the password prompt.

VIM3L is not a VIM3, therefore you can’t run a VIM3 image with a VIM3L.

Ok, are there any plans to release a VIM3L image? This is the model Khadas are promoting with Volumio. Thanks

Khadas marketing can promote whatever they want, that is their business.
I have no plans for VIM3L.

thanks, I’ll get in touch with Khadas.

It is posible install this version on EMMC ?

These are SD images.

Help the community by building a Krescue image for it to install it on eMMC.
You would only have to do this once, keep the version for a reinstall.
You can use OTA to update to the latest Volumio 3 version afterwards (test mode required).
No plans/ support from my side though.


OTA update work fine.

Probably not for everyone, that’s why I do not support it.
Are you booting from eMMC? VIM1?

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I find old bug …
After OTA update alsa eror on 44 khz files
OTA update dont update kernel.
If boot from usb or sd card Volumio 3 can play all files and dont have eror on alsa.

Still don’t know which version you are running, whether you boot from emmc or sd, whether you did an OTA from v2 to v3.
If you want support, you could at least be so polite and answer my questions.

Volumio-3.212-2022-01-29-kvim1 work fine no bug (boot from cd card or usb).
Volumio-2 latest test build (boot from emmc install via krescue bug - play file 44 khz sampling rate - alsa eror).
If OTA from Volumio-2 to Volumio-3.212 (boot from emmc still hawe bug - play file 44 khz sampling rate - alsa eror) i think via OTA no kernel or boot update.

Ok, now it is clear. I don’t know where you got the volumio kresq on emmc from, Khadas only created an unsupported vim3l test with version 2.248, which we stopped. It was never meant for a vim1!

Back to your eMMC alsa issue. You were warned that OTA from Volumio v2 to v3 is not supported, the popup in the Update window made that very clear.
Not supported also means you can’t have help for it and there will be no fix.
The image is for SD cards is fine, you already confirmed that.

Create a kresque image in case you want it on eMMC, refer to the Khadas wiki for help.
Please note, flashing eMMC with this SD image will overwrite uboot on eMMC with all possible consequences.

Hope this helps.

Hi, I set up the image on VIM3 with TONE BOARD and it works perfectly. Is there any way to connect a small LCD other than via HDMI?

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I have a VIM3L too, again being promoted by Khadas as being able to be used by the VIM3L. Did you get any joy from them?

No, I got no reply from Khadas. Feeling very disappointed and won’t be buying any more of their products in future!!

TS050 should work, but please understand, after me leaving as a community developer, support for Khadas boards has come to a dead end.

There will be no more new Volumio image versions, not for SD and not by OTA