Volumio 3 not working as well as 2

Hi - I downloaded and installed the latest Volumio 3 (3.324) to a new memory card (I had been on 2.853). I use JRiver to play through Volumio on my Allo USBridge Signature via UPNP. It is connected by USB to whichever DAC I am using, When on 2.853 I could play via my Denafrips Pontus 2 DAC to my DEQX DSP unit to my amp, or directly to the DEQX and amp pretty reliably.

On 3.24 I can play via DAC/DEQX and amp ok, but I get crackling distortion and clicks when playing back directly through the DEQX (which has a builtin DAC). (which Volumio recognizes as USB:xCORE USB 2.0)

Changing the buffer doesn’t seem to help. Also the artwork is displayed inconsistently. Any suggestions gratefully received

Appears to be solved after applying the fix at Fix For Pops and Cracks USBridge Signature? - Page 2 - TRANSPORT Support - Audiophile Style