Volumio 3 multiroom


I currently enjoy multiroom playback using volumio 2 and snapcast.

Reading through the volumio 3 features I notice that understandably but disappointingly the multiroom features are behind a pay wall.

Does the fact that it is behind this paywall mean that it’s no longer possible to DIY multiroom audio without a myvolumio subscription. The DIY learning elements of volumio are part of the enjoyment (multiroom was why I found the project) and I wouldnt want to lose the ability of that and many other integrations.

Am I therefore going to be left behind utilizing version 2?

Don’t worry. It’s not because Myvolumio provides features such multiroom in one click, that you could not tweak your system!
If you want to install snapcast, no problems with that.
Volumio is still free and open source, with a growing base of plugins!

To be clear I have no objections that items are behind a paywall. You guys spend a lot of time making volumio what it is today and funds for that need to come from somewhere. My joy comes from being able to tinker with it especially the multiroom aspect and therefore it would have been a disappointment to have lost that aspect.

Thank you for the clarification that this will still be possible

Can I just add that the author of the snapcast plugin has recently informed me that they have been actively developing an improved version of the plugin, and they intend to release a version for Volumio 3.

I don’t see why the plugin can’t be ported to Volumio3, if the author wishes :wink:

As long as a plugin do not conflict with core volumio and is developed under the new plugins guidelines (we are making a huge effort to improve quality of plugins submitted) then the tinker option will remain open :wink:

That’s the spirit of Volumio: the team works hard to provide state of the art features, but not restricting usage of stuff only behind a paywall

you can have multiroom too using the squeeze plugin with iPeng client. i find it to be more stable than the snapcast plugin. Multiroom Audio with Logitech Media Server

Thanks that is good to know, I will look into that