Volumio 3 missing Autostart-plugin and why is this not part of the program?

Why do I need an autostart plug-in in Volumio and why is this essential function not implemented in the program itself? By the way, there is no autostart plug-in available in Volumio 3!

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Hi smaratzk, welcome to Volumio. :slight_smile:

It simply has not been implemented. What one user considers essential, another does not. This is where the idea of plugins comes from.

Many of the plugins from Volumio 2 are undergoing the transition to Volumio 3. If the plugin was developed by a Community member, then they will need to carry out the necessary changes before it can be considered for inclusion in Volumio 3.

In the case of the ‘AutoStart’ plugin, I suggest that you look at the Volumio Plugins Collection to find details about the author and how to contact them. This might be by forum PM, plugin Github site, or a [PLUGIN] post in the Plugins category of the forum.


Let us agree that it would be quite comfortable if Volumio had an autostart function and those who did not find this essential could then switch it off. :grinning:

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That’s on of the reasions why I just downgraded my Volumio from Version 3 back to Version 2.

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I see this a lot, people suggest new features and improvements all the time.
Their posts get read and a few days later it is all forgotten.
Why not make a feature request in the Volumio Development section? There is a thread for it.

Thanks for this tip, gkkpch. I didn´t see this! Done!