Volumio 3 + Media server DLNA = Missing covers and track information

Hi all,

I’m a newbie with Volumio and trying it for the first time, my setup is the latest Volumio 3 + Raspberry 4. Everything was installed in 5 minutes, so no issues here.
I have a huge library of DSD files (dsf), everything organized in Plex (with covers, all tags, etc).

  1. And for some reason, Volumio shows the correct cover in the album tracks list, but doesn’t show the cover for the album.
  2. But it shows correct cover while playing in the main interface, but there is missing track information, always shown “file.dsf”.

The question is it is a bug? Is something missing in my DLNA setup or Volumio setup? Or just weak support of DLNA media servers?

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So, in the end I just moved to a smb share, spend half a day to fix all tags and covers but now everything looks and work great.

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Hi I am seeing the same thing via DLNA and while I could switch to a SMB share I do like having my collection in Plex and using PlexMediaServer as a DLNA server. It means I can have one source of playlists etc and use different Volumio’s around my house as the “renderer” - but I have often wondered if seeing the incorrect track information on the now playing screen is a bug that could be fixed?

The same happens to me. In this case the dlna server is on another rpi witch runs moode. It is not the server as when I access the same dlna server via Neutron Player in iOS, everything looks ok.


Thanks !