Volumio 3 & mConnect - problems

Streaming files from Tidal via mConnect to Volumio 3 (upnp / AV) is difficult. MConnect player does not show track progression and stops after each track. This connection works fine in Volumio 2.
Maybe someone has already overcome this problem?

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Hi There,
I have a volumio Primio with the latest version of Volumio and this issue is still present. I started to take a membership to Qobuz and mconnect is very nice to browse and stream. And the same problem as OP is still present. @rak39 , were you able to fix the problem?

Same issue has been discussed in detail in this thread

Thank you very much @Wolfman74 for sharing the thread, this is much appreciated! Well, if this is a known issue and there are no eta, I suppose we will then wait for better times. :sweat_smile:. It was interesting to read that upnp is complex and relying on third party app. I would have thought upnp a base feature that we can implement easily but it is not. We learn everyday. :blush:

By the way, I did test Moode audio latest version on a separate SD card and it worked all fine on their distrib. But I am not sure (don’t think) they use the same audio engine as Volumio…which may explain the different behavior.

I now have Volumio 3.449 (Premium subscription) and the described problem still exists.

The reply from Volumio was 29 days ago, with 3 other tasks that need to be completed first and without an ETA for this problem.
So yes you are correct, it hasn’t been resolved yet.