Volumio 3 in Jesse?

So here is the deal. I don’t know why, but the OS makes a difference in terms of sound quality and maybe functionality.

Moode was using “Buster” long before Volumio and the sound quality of Moode was detailed, but thin.

Volumio went to “Buster” and went from rich and full, to detailed and thin just like Moode.

The news doesn’t get any better with “Bullseye” Moode just came out with a major update and it now using “Bullseye” and guess what? The SQ is even worse in “Bullseye”. Even my wife who is not an audiophile said that it sounded “blah”.

To me its like all of the sounds are there, but the music isn’t.

There seems to be 2 groups of people when it comes to the SQ of Volumio 3x. Those who can tell that it sounds like crap and those who can’t. Volumio 4 promises to be even worse.

The perfect solution would be to get the latest builds in Jesse rather than Buster or Bullseye for those who can tell the difference and care.

I cannot disagree more. The latest updates in Volumio 3 have made a substantial impact on the SQ for the better.