Volumio 3 Buster Beta for RPi

A new log with Qobuz. It hangs when changing track (not always)…
edit : new log link

Volumio 3.051
Each track start to play, 1 second, stop a fraction of second and then plays

I just installed the latest version, then install touch display plugin, peppy meter plugin and when trying to instsll the mpd oled package it gives me some error that the disk și full. I saw that /var/log has only 20M and it is full.
On volumio 2 I did not had that issue.

Please it is clear beta version comes with no plugin and no support for it. You can test what you want but do not ask here. Thanks.

sorry , I have asked only about the /var/log folder size ,I want to use plugins for listening music …

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Please refer to the announcement where we specifically asked testers NOT to install additional software like plugins until we release them for testing.
By joining the testprogram you have accepted to abide by the rules!

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Allo Piano 2.1 can be set to “Dual Mono” - but still doesn’t work (3.051 and 3.054)


Interesting: If i switch I2S DAC off, then click on save i get the Piano 2.1 shown in the dropdown with HDMI and headphones.
Then i choose the Piano 2.1 there - then there is sound :slight_smile: and it is dual mono.
Only volume control is not working…

Would it be possible to include the new Allo BOSS2 HD DAC.
That would be very nice.

Many Thanks

v3.051 on RPi4 everything seems good. Just out of curiosity enabled ‘test mode’ and checked for updates, and got:

(1) I didn’t think updates were running;
(2) this appears to be (from ‘FIXES’) to be x86 specific.

Update apparently works ok, with system reported as 3.054 but exactly what have I updated?

Yes, these were more x86-specific this time, you can’t always say.
Beta affects both platform ways.

3.054 correct a alsa problem with float format with some files such as wma, and probably other things


Hello ,

I have an an issue with DSD files on v 3.054
If I play DSD files in Volumio the files is shown as 5.6 MHZ DSD as seen below

volumio@volumio:~$ volumio status
“status”: “play”,
“position”: 0,
“title”: “Hello”,
“artist”: “Adele”,
“album”: “25”,
“albumart”: “/albumart?cacheid=53&web=Adele/25/mega&path=%2FNAS%2FSynology%2FDSD%2FAdele%20-%2025%20(2015)%20%5BDSD128%5D&metadata=false”,
“uri”: “mnt/NAS/Synology/DSD/Adele - 25 (2015) [DSD128]/01. Hello.dsf”,
“trackType”: “dsf”,
“seek”: 12200,
“duration”: 296,
“samplerate”: “5.64 MHz”,
“bitdepth”: “1 bit”,
“channels”: 2,
“random”: null,
“repeat”: null,
“repeatSingle”: false,
“consume”: false,
“volume”: 74,
“disableVolumeControl”: false,
“mute”: false,
“stream”: “dsf”,
“updatedb”: false,
“volatile”: false,
“service”: “mpd”

On DAC topping display I see 705.6 PCM .

DSD direct mode is set . HW mixer is set .
Thanks for your support

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I have found the issue . it was stated in an anotehr thread :
:Volumio version 2.779 (Released: Jun 8 18:35:15 CEST 2020) has reversed functions names for “DSD playback mode”: “DSD direct” and “DSD over PCM (DoP)”. Personally, I don’t mind, but it can be confusing for other Volumio users.’
I have boot up with DOP enabled and now on DAC I see 5.64 DSD .
Could you please fix this in beta version .


Hope i am in the right section of the forum.
Usual system is Raspberry Pi 3 in with add-on systems Suptronics X5000k http://www.suptronics.com/miniPCkits/x5000k.html
DAC ES9023
Harddrive standard SATA
Addon USB Wifi Dongle TP-LINK WN823N (RTL8192 EU)

= Wifi USB dongle recognized and working with Volumio 2 (lastest version)
= Wifi USB dongle not working with Volumiobuster-3.051-2021-03-06-pi

Log http://logs.volumio.org/volumiobuster/OLGZYvH.html

Thanks in advance

What exactly doesn’t work?

Mar 14 14:08:40 blackbox wireless.js[1265]: Connected to: ----Freebox-34267B-Stable
Mar 14 14:08:40 blackbox wireless.js[1265]: ----
Mar 14 14:08:40 blackbox sudo[1394]:     root : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/ ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/sbin/ifconfig wlan0
Mar 14 14:08:40 blackbox sudo[1394]: pam_unix(sudo:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0)
Mar 14 14:08:40 blackbox sudo[1394]: pam_unix(sudo:session): session closed for user root
Mar 14 14:08:40 blackbox dnsmasq[737]: reading /etc/resolv.conf
Mar 14 14:08:40 blackbox dnsmasq[737]: using nameserver
Mar 14 14:08:40 blackbox dnsmasq[737]: using nameserver
Mar 14 14:08:40 blackbox dnsmasq[737]: using nameserver
Mar 14 14:08:40 blackbox wireless.js[1265]: ... joined AP, wlan0 IPv4 is, ipV6 is undefined
Mar 14 14:08:40 blackbox wireless.js[1265]: It's done! AP
Mar 14 14:08:40 blackbox systemd[1]: Started Wireless Services.

It took a couple of tries, but it seems to have connected?

But this one :frowning:

Thanks for the quick check.
It did connect, but, i think given the strength of the signal and proximity to my router (less than 1meter), it was only using the Raspberry Pi 3 board Wifi, not the TP-LINK USB dongle.
This was for troubleshooting that i put the Raspberry so close (and with ethernet cable), but i am usually using the Raspberry much farther away and need the longer range of the wifi dongle. With Raspberry wifi alone, i usually can’t connect.
You can suggest commands for me to try to troubleshoot a bit, maybe i am wrong with my assessment, but the led of the Wifi dongle doesn’t blink with Volumio 3, yet blinks with Volumio 2.


Is the RTL8192 EU supported in vanilla Raspbian image? If I recall correctly, it required special drivers that that weren’t included by default with Jessi. I wonder if that is still the case with Buster?


I don’t know how to check properly, but doing a search and checking various websites, it seems many are providing specific methods to install that specific driver by download & compile or some just suggest apt-get install firmware-realtek, but it is is a non-free driver.

Big question for me: is it like this now just because Volumio 3 is in Beta and would be fixed when dubbed Stable, or would it stay like this because Volumio 3 would focus on Raspbian vanilla image ?

rtl8192eu was part of the set of custom wifi packages which were taken from the MrEngman’s repo, see https://github.com/volumio/Build/blob/a3ed097bbb47a473798ffcf099aed5e16d642bbf/scripts/raspberryconfig.sh#L275