Volumio 3 and Hifiberry Amp3


does anyone know, if Volumio3 or Volumio2, are already working alright with the new Hifiberry Amp3?

I want/ have to buy a Amplifier and want to buy the Hifiberry Amp3. But if it only will work in a couple of months because of drivers etc., i would buy the “older” Amp2.

I’m running volumio on a rpi 3b+.

Thanks a lot!

A quick search here shows that there are problems with the amp3. If you haven’t yet purchased it. I’d look for an alternative.


thanks a lot for the quick response.
I found something here that there were problems with the amp3 and volumio. But i wasnt sure if its still a problem. Normally i would want to be the newest hardware (amp3) and not an older one (amp2). But of course, if there are still problems which maybe aren’t solved in the next weeks (who knows), i would buy the one that works (amp2). I read about a solution with the amp3 (chose another driver). But i also read that solution also doesnt work always :smiley: Maybe someone has axperience with the “driver-solution” fpr the amp3? Again, thanks a lot!