Volumio 3 and GUI


sorry for my bad English.

Ich want to create a Inetradio with a Rasp 3b+ with a touch Display and Volumio.
The Rasp with Volumio works fine over a browser session with an other device, I can change the webradio stations or play Music from my NAS.

But the Touchscreen show only the DOS Session with promt etc… I can not start the Gui. And I can not download a GUI Plugin :-(.

Can I use the Gui only when I a payed member are? I don’t wont to have all the other features from Volumio, only I wont is hear webradio and control it over the GUI.

What can I do?
Antworten gerne auch in Deutsch.

Thanx and Kingly Greatings
Dani :slight_smile:

no you only need a the touch display plugin and enable it and some settings in the userconfig.txt :slight_smile:

do you know what brand and type of your display? with version 3 you need a free account and login on your pi to get the plugins.

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I can not download the plugin in the free version. Can I install this plugin over an other way?


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you can download it after you created a free account and login you will find on the left top side on the main page of volumio

Sorry the brand is byed from AliExpress, it works fine without GUI. How can I install the plugin in my free accound?

Dani :slight_smile:

I have a free account and the plugin download page is empty. I can’t download anything in the free account :frowning:

if you have your account and you did your login…
goto plugins in the menu on the left there you can find your plugins.

you have 2 tabs on top one tab is installed plugins and the other one should show the plugins
in the folders you will find them all


thanks I have install the plugin now. But I can not start them. You have write I must change any things in the pi?

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first you can try a reboot and try enable it and after that
you can uninstall this version and in details you can find other versions try the 3.3.1 version.

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Wonderfull, the 3.3.1 version works, I will test it now, thanks thank thanks!!!

Liebe Grüße

your welcome :slight_smile: