Volumio 3 - Allo Piano 2.1 does not seem to work

While upgrading to Volumio 3 on my RPi with Allo Piano 2.1 DAC, I notice that this configuration does not seem to work. Selecting Allo Piano 2.1 as my DAC did not produce any output.

I was able to resolve by selecting Allo Boss as the DAC type, and only using the first pair of outputs on the DAC (the second pair seem not to work).

Also note that when changing between DAC types, the ‘restart’ was not effective. I needed to shut down the Volumio device, remove power, and restart the device by reconnecting power.

Weird as I use a Allô Piano 2.1 with a Rpi 3 and volumio 3.
Try to disable i2s, select headphone save and reboot. After, enable i2s and choose piano 2.1. let us know.

Works fine here on Pi 3 B and Piano 2.1 :wink:

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Works fine here on Pi 3 B and Piano 2.1, too
If you also use a Kali reclocker set resampling to 32Bit.
Are you using the latest version of Volumio 3 ?

Thanks for all the feedback! To clarify; I’m using an RPi 3B with Allo Piano 2.1 and Kali Reclocker. Running Volumio 3; latest version.

It seems that the problem was that I had Audio Re-sampling turned off after the upgrade to Volumio 3.

It is worth noting that, in my experience, you may need to remove power fully from the device (not just shut down) in order for some of the Playback Options changes to take effect properly.

Things now seem to be working fine. Thanks to all for the suggestions!

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Usually this is not necessary as long as your PI isn’t at 100% load for some odd reason.

Possible that it’s because power is being delivered to the Pi from the Kali Reclocker in my case. So it might not be an issue otherwise.