Volumio 3 - ADC Input + USB Output


I have a rpi4 with a HifiBerry DAC+ ADC Pro hat.

I would like to use the HifiBerry board for analog input, and then use USB output as the playback option for Volumio.

It seems that the only way for Volumio to recognise the analog input, is to configure the hat as a playback device. I do not want the hat as the playback device as I need a digital out.

Is there any way to configure Volumio (or rpi) so that the HifiBerry board is used only for analog input and I can still configure USB output?

Thanks - hope that makes sense!

Planning on doing the same. ADC is on order.
Did you ever sort this out?

Yes, I did get a solution to ADC (analog) input and digital output.

I had an online chat with a Volumio representative. They stated that this was not possible.

I went on to replace Volumio with 2 x Wiim devices. They are fantastic for my needs.

Got it working as well. In via HiFiBerry DAC+ADC and out via USB to my DAC.

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How did you get it working ?

Kinda weird. I first had to select the hat as an I2S output device in order to “see” it as an input.
Then I rebooted, selected it as input, then switched to the USB DAC as the output device and it “took”.

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