[Volumio 3.611] Album Art Display Size

Am I imagining this, or has the display size of the album art increased in the latest update to v3.611 ?
The images now overlap the track progress bar and the “repeat all” and “previous track” buttons. I am viewing using the web interface on a laptop - no other changes except the latest update to volumio.

Not that I see on my browser. Maybe the browser’s zoom setting changed?

I tried the zoom with little success - then I tried reverting to v3.569 and I see that the controls and progress bar were to the right of the album art. In the latest revision the album art is the same size but the controls now extend the full width of the display and hence the overlap of image and controls - not an improvement in my opinion!
Laptop display size: 1366 x 768



I’ve reported this already. Seems some problems with resizing.

Thank you Wheaten