Volumio 3.5 Supersearch and Infinity Playback Public Beta Testing

Thanks for the reply @volumio

It all makes sense but was testing with my own library which has enough content for the sake of testing and still isn’t really working as I expected. Infinity play seems to work better than trying to use SuperSearch, as long as you type a song or artist. Searching by genre (ie. rock) returned nothing, whereas the normal search results in 340 albums.

I’ve got a log file here, maybe it doesn’t like my tags or there’s something wrong with the library? Just doesn’t make sense.

It does sound awesome to use this in conjunction with Tidal Connect (which has it’s own radio mode which is great) and be nice to use outside the house ‘use here’.

Thanks very much!
ps. Will still probably get premium if i get a spot!

ok, just testing this again, it seems that the Supersearch only works/reliably with streaming service sources, not own library (having a look at the play queue in the test mode screen) and they are all from the tidal service, not local library.

A good test is to search for something i know I have in my library and it doesn’t give any results, not even for searching a genre like ‘electronic’ or ‘rock’ (from tags). I thought this was the main point of this, or is it just a different AI to the Tidal algorithm?

Don’t get me wrong, still pretty cool just wondering if it can be improved/fixed?

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Similar. I don’t have Tidal, but do have Spotify. In most searches (for example: ‘American post-punk bands 1980s’, of which I have a lot in my library), the first two thirds are all Spotify, even if I have those albums in my library. In the last third I get some results from my NAS.

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Yes it sounded like and I was hoping it would integrate my local library as well (like Roon does). It should be easy enough to search tags by genre and hit shuffle (like Foobar) and even operate without a streaming service at all.

Just don’t see the benefit over Tidal radio mode if all the results are from Tidal (but means you don’t need to use the tidal App and Tidal Connect).

Trying to justify premium over Virtuoso.

Edit: it’s a shame i had to reset Tidal as well, as the algorthm is shot (choosing artists again and none of they aren’t all similar so the results for ‘chillout’ are nothing like it).
I’ve exported/imported playlists, liked albums and tracks at least.

The thing with Supersearch and the related artist and album functionality is that it keeps leading me down multiple rabbit holes in a way that Spotify’s ‘Fans also like’ feature just doesn’t. Results are more relevant to the type of music or band, rather than what gets the most listens. It is costing me a fortune in vinyl purchases though.

That’s a good hobby, I’ve spent much more on worse things :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s the same as radio mode I think with Tidal - end up discovering a lot of similar stuff that may not be heard of before, which I really like. You can hit one track you like then go to track radio mode and it’s starts it up.

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Today’s software update, v3.546, gives you some choices of sources to include or exclude in Supersearch. Works very well.

The options can be found in Sources, right at the end.


Oh great will do the update. Thanks for letting us know!

PS i noticed infinity playback seems to pay some mainstream 80s after playing my own tracks of electronic or house music, some are a mix so maybe not tagged the best but will test it out a bit more

Edit: Still a bit strange searching ‘electronic’ and get no results, when I got a stack of electronic tagged albums. The normal search finds them so not sure what gives.


Seems like no-logic (with my own collection at least). random genres as well after an album had stopped playing. I turned of Tidal in the source options to test.
(btw I noticed the DAC as one of the services to turn on/off, no idea what that is for?)

Search for ‘electronic’
SuperSearch off = found 57 albums

SuperSearch on = only finds the same few songs

I think it works pretty well with Tidal, but the supersearch algorithm has never liked my library, unless I’m doing something wrong & may as well use tidal connect.


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Doesn’t work I guess, neither does PLAY HERE. Still good value in the long term but doesn’t really offer me anything more than virtuoso to be honest.

atmospheric female voices; Peter Gabriel, The Cure, Tears for Fears…:grinning:

Petra Gabriella

It’s good how mainstream crap like Whitney Houston and Paul Simon come on straight after some cafe music from my own collection. I don’t think Infinity play really looks at the tags at all, at least not for own library.

Hello ,

What will happen with inifinity playback after 10 songs are finished ? Will start again the playlist ? I have activated infinity playback on a playlist but I have observed that when playlist was finished it started again …


If Infinity is enabled, when the playlist finishes, 10 new tracks are added to it.

With which service (source) did you observe the behaviour above?

Hey there, infinity is permanently greyed out, is it still a beta only func?

Also tried the supersearch but the 20seconds egg timer never ended. I do have a bloody huge library though.

Cheers, loving coming back to Volumio after a long “Moode”

You’re running the trail or have a payed account?

with Tidal .
I would propose to increase the numbers of songs …

Paid Monthly


Can you please raise a ticket HERE including all the requested details?

You’re entitled of Premium support channel